Posted: August 22, 2012 in Switzerland

Today we went to CERN, which is about 9km out of Geneva, and it is where scientists from all over the world are studying results from the Hadron Collider tests.  This is an underground, 27km long loop that is used to send protons around at 99.9% of the speed of light in opposite directions then collide them simulating the events that took place just after the ‘Big Bang’.

The studies carried out there are looking to uncover the mystery of the creation of the universe and in particular to see if they can discover the ‘God Molecule’, which is, thought to be responsible for all creation.

The CERN museum.

The CERN research center is pushing technology to advance extremely quickly.  They have hugely powerful computers all over the world, which communicate using unbelievably quick data transfer rates.  The display there had examples of ‘super computers’ that are not even 10 years old yet something that is a 10th of the size these days is 3 times as powerful.

Although the Internet has been around for many years – the scientist who created the first ever web page and web server worked at CERN. His computer was there on display and although it was only in the late 80’s when he introduced the ‘world wide web’ to the world, the computer he used looks like an old piece of junk compared to today’s PC’s.

They are doing a lot of other research there especially for the medical world and it was very interesting to walk around and see what they are hoping to achieve.

After working with math’s and physics his whole career Neil was particularly interested in it all, but we were all pretty amazed at how hard they were pushing and developing new technology at the place.

A life size replacer of the tunnel and collider.

After we had finished looking around we made our way back to Geneva.  Tina didn’t come with us to CERN – instead finding a large water park and beach area just past the carnival area, so I went to find her.

Today the huge jet fountain was on!

The jet fountain.

We spent a couple of hours sitting in the sun and swimming before having dinner and going home for the night.


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