Munich Cont.

Posted: August 21, 2012 in Germany

Patricia and Geert had recommended a visit to the market, so for our last day in Munich we went to have a look.  We got there early so we could enjoy some nice German sausages for breakfast.  We ordered a variety then all tried each different one, they were great!

After breakfast we spent the next couple of hours looking around the market.  They had some great bread, cured meats, cheeses, wine, preservative, herbs, spices, all other kinds of fruit and veg plus heaps of other things.


A nice selection of meat.

A nice selection of cheese.

Lots of chills, olives and other goodies.

There was an open beer garden with a few bars and food outlets surrounding it.  The locals were getting an early start.  The beer was flowing and there were different entertainers getting everybody up dancing and having a great time.


Entertainment in the beer garden.

Like I have already said, the Germans really know how to eat and drink well and generally have a good time.  Tina and I will be back for sure one day to spend some more time looking around this great place.  It is a shame we could only fit in a quick visit to Munich on this trip.

After we have finished looking around the market we went back to the main town square where there is a really cool clock tower on the town hall.  Twice a day the clock fires up with little characters moving around as it rings.  It attracts many on lookers each time, so we went to have a look.  The clock was due to go off again at 5pm so we got a seat and a drink at about 4:30 waiting for it.  It went for about 10 minutes and there would have been about 1000+ people stopped to watch it.


The large clock tower with everybody waiting for it to fire up.

For our last night in Munich we knew we had to indulge in some more Bavarian food.  We went to Hofbrauhaus, which is another large beer garden at the HB brewery.  It is very touristy but a great atmosphere and great food.  We all ordered something different off the menu and did the sharing thing again – check out the following photos, another great feed







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