Posted: July 26, 2012 in Ireland

We only had the 1 night in Belfast and our plan was to head north along the coast to a place called Giants Causeway that everybody had told us not to miss, then continue down to Roscommon in the center of Ireland.  So with a big day of driving ahead of us we had an early breakfast and made a move.

On our way to the Giants Causeway we called into Kilbane Head.  This was an area of the coast that had some large cliffs with a lookout on top, then steps down to a path over to the old Kilbane Castle ruins.


Kilbane Cliffs

Kilbane Cliffs and Castle.

Kilbane Castle.

Ruins of an old house the fisherman would use.

After having a look around here we kept moving towards Giants Causeway.  When we arrived there were people everywhere, a few bus tour loads and lots of other tourists – it is obviously a popular spot.  We had to walk about 5 mins down a path to the ocean where we found a large rocky headland.  At closer inspection the formation of the rocks was amazing.  The earth had pushed up and broken into millions of hexagonal pier like shapes.  They had risen up side by side at different heights all over the place.  It was really interesting to see.


Rock formations at Giants Causeway.

Giants Causeway.

Looks like paving.

Exploring the Causeway.

More rocks that have been pushed up.  You would swear someone had stacked them.

We spent a while looking around and exploring the rocks until it was time to move on.  After a long afternoon of driving we made it to Roscommon late and all just went to bed.


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